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Wormfarm Construction

Wormfarm Construction

Here are some pictures of  a few different building idea’s you could use to design your wormfarm.  A worm farm can be very simple to build.

If you plan on using them for consumption them you must keep them in a closed environment Do not use treated lumber as it has chemicals. Non-toxic wood preservatives are available.

Side structure idea:

wormfarmpic3Easy access:



Basic compost structure:





If you are looking to have a farm with a roof you can visit this Affordable Roofing Company in Tacoma there you will contact a  qualified  professional, that can provide you with an estimate to build any design ideas you may have.

You can find a variety of smaller worm farm enclosures online or at local feed stores. Theses enclosures are already pre-assembled.  And don’t for get to look online for more idea the are many pages on Google to help with this.






Some of the ideal stuff you want to feed them include: vegetable scraps and fruit peelings.  Foods that are rich in starch for example oatmeal, bread, and pasta would be good as well.  Do not feed them highly acidic food like citrus fruits and onions.  Coffee grounds and Tea bags and can be added to their diet.  Never feed them poultry or meat.  Try to stay away from salty foods Fast foods especially!  The salty foods and fast foods will create odors and may attract unwanted insects in the farm.  Worms can consume half of  their body weight each day.  Be careful not to overfeed them this will cause a mold to appear.

So, that’s that.  Please join us for more fun facts about worms and the awesome protein they provide.


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Untapped Natural Protein (part2)

Untapped Natural Protein (part2)



Now, you have your earthworm that was grown in a controlled environment and you know it is green and clean! (so to speak)

So, what does the earthworm eat…dirt, food and anything else that come in its path and we all know that dirt doesn’t taste very good.  And neither does a earthworm with all of the dirty gritty stuff that is in it’s gastric system.  So there are a few things u must do unless you have a very tough stomach. Eating them raw is probably not the best advice because who knows what kind of parasites, bacteria, and/or fungal molds may live inside of them. That again leads us to some people with that iron stomach that can munch them down raw.  Cooking them will take care of that but we will get to that later.

Purging the earthworm.
To purge is: to free from impurities/purify. To remove impurities. To cause an evacuation emptying of the bowels. To make pure or clean.  The act of cleansing sediment or other undesired elements.  To remove dirt and excrement.

With that said to purge your earthworm there are a few ways: some say one is to put them into some sort of container filled with damp newspaper and the will eat the newspaper or any thing really to get rid of dirt and grit, but if you are planning to cook them and eat them it is recommended to use moist cornmeal for approximately 2-4 days and in with the new and out with the old. Basically breading the inside…lol!

So, you’ve purged your earthworms and probably the best thing is to boil them up to 10 minutes and rinse and repeat process until the water is, and stays clean.  This eliminates the possible dirty flavor you may get. And eliminates any bacteria and other harmful  whatever… that may be still residing within.  Next we will get into the various ways to prepare for cooking.

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There is an un-tapped amount of protein that is overlooked in your every day
average earthworm.

Yes up to 42 grams of protein in about 6 worms.
With a 60-70 percent protein and zero fat earthworms will provide ample amount of supplemental protein. And you probably would curl up and say “ewe gross”.
But there is ways to cook these protein filled backyard dwellers. To the weightlifters and weight junkies it’s true.
Yes it is that simple go out in your back yard and find yourself a huge amount of protein to start your workout…lol.
There are some things to consider before going out in your back yard and acquiring a handful of protein. There are a lot of pesticides and weed killers and deposits of chemicals that the earthworm has spent their life crawling through. Even if you don’t use chemicals and what not in your lawn and garden there are other factors like, run- off if you live at the bottom of a hill. And who knows what habitat the earthworms from a bait and tackle shop live in.

So, the best way to get your earthworm and know for sure it is going to be pesticide and chemical free…start your own earthworm habitat. A compost pile is probably the easiest and/or an earthworm farm. Either of which you can research and find a lot of information all over the web.

But seriously they are easy to incorporate into a variety of different recipes. To follow.

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